Dog Training That Comes to You!


Dog training is more than just tricks. Having a dog that can fetch and rollover is great, but there's a lot more that goes into having a well-behaved dog than being able to sit and stay. At Both Ends of the Leash, we believe that what happens at your end of the leash is responsible for what happens at your dog's end of the leash.  At Both Ends of the Leash, we do house calls, so we can evaluate your dog’s behaviors where they occur (in their home environment?) and teach you the skills needed to change those behaviors.  Doug brings an owner-centered approach to dog training, with a focus on teaching you how your dog thinks and communicates   When you and your dog communicate effectively you can tell your dog how you want them to behave, and your dog can know what you expect. Doug is a student of dog behavior and has a long history of developing happy, well-adjusted dogs who were good citizens and were loved by all.

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